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Past Trophy Winners 

When the Club was formed all those years back in 1967 no-one could have imagined how we would have developed or imagined the various teams that would have gone on the represent us.
Over the Years Trophies have been given to the club by visiting teams in by families in memeory of a loved one who at one stage had graced the pitch at Andreas and worn the tangerine shirt with pride.

The following is a breakdown off the trophies handed out at the Annual dinner and a brief explanation of how we as a Club came to have them and many thanks go out to both Jean Collister (Wife of the late Percy Collister) and her son Ian (Ex player) for allowing the club access to Percy's scrapbooks so the information could be gathered.

The Andreas Playing Fields
Andreas Village
Kirk Andreas
Isle of Man
IM7 4HJ 
01624 882016

The Dawn Colgan Cup  

The Edgar Quine Cup  

Awarded to the Most improved Under 13's Player of the Year.

The trophy was donated to the Club in 1995 by Miss Dawn Colgan, (Now Mrs Dawn Bradley - married to ex player James, son of hazel and John Bradley), and has been awarded ever since.

1995-96 James Sayle.                      2006-07
1996-97 James Sayle.                      2007-08 Dylan Parish.
1997-98 Jamie Matthews.                2008-09  Macauley Davies.
1998-99 Sam Ferguson.                   2009-10  Danny Allison.
1999-00 Johnny Kelly.
2000-01 Sam Kinrade.
2001-02 Matthew Kinnin.
2002-03 Orry Martin.
2003-04 Matthew Montgomery.
2004-05 Daniel Bonwick.
2005-06 Damien Wood.
Awarded to ther Under 13 Player of the Year.

Donated by The Club President Mr Edgar Quine in 2000. Edgar has for a long time been associated with the Club and was until recently the MHK for the parish.

2000-01 Phil Quayle.
2001-02 Phil Quayle
              Matthew Montgomery.
2002-03 Matthew Kinnin.
2003-04 Andy Wilson
              Craig Shepard.
2004-05 Daniel Kelly.
2005-06 Matthew Skillicorn.
2007-08 Shaun Kelly.
2008-09 Max Crowe.
2009-10 Macaulay Davis.

The Kinrade Cup  

The Tim Butler Memorial Trophy  

Awarded to the Under 15's Most Improved Player of the Year.

Sponsored by Kinrade Brothers Builders since 1997. Malcolm and John have both been associated with the Club for many Years with Malcolm being the Current Vice - Chairman, while helen his wife is also the
Club's treasurer.

1997-8 Chris Webber & Andrew Forbes      
1998-9 Tim Robinson.                               
1999-00 Ian Butler.                                   
2000-01 Tim Callow.                                 
2001-02 Marc Faragher.
2002-03 Ean Martin.
2003-04 Orry Quayle.
2004-05 Phil Quayle.
2005-06 Tom Kinrade.
2007-08 Keiran Fairbairn.
2008-09 Jackson Brown.
2009-10  Majid Mohammed.
Awarded to the Under 15 Player of the Year.

Awarded since 1986 after being donated by the family of Tim Butler.

1986-87 Stuart McFee.                               2002-03 Marc Faragher.
1987-88 Nicky Callow.                                2003-04 Sam Quilleash.
1988-89 John Roberts.                               2004-05 Jamie Moffatt.
1989-90 Brian Stevens.                              2005-06 Phil Quayle.
1990-91 David Bolton.                                2006-07 
1991-92 Tynon Pritchard.                           2007-08 Aaron Carey 
1992-93 Matthew Johnson                         2008-09 Damien Wood 
               John Cannon.                              2009-10  Renzo Gabriel  
1993-94 S. Roberts.                                                 Jackson Brown                                                                                             
1994-95 Ian Butler.                                                   
1995-96 Chris Quayle.
1996-97 Stephen Parish.
1997-98 Nick Jones.
1998-99 Jason Craine.
1999-00 Lee Gillon.
2000-01 James Ford.
2001-02 Johnny Kelly.

The Prince of Wales Cup  

The Michael Maddern Memorial Trophy  

Awarded to the outstanding Player of the Cowell Cup (Under 18's)

1971-72 Shaun Bowman.
1972-73 Shaun Bowman.
1973-74 Shaun Buckley.
1974-75 Paul Cleator.
1975-76 David Livesey.
1976-77 George Kermode.
1977-78 Mark H Kelly.
1978-79 Neil Vondy.
1979-80 Neil Vondy.
1980-81 No Team.
1981-82 Michael Diamond.
1982-83 ?
1983-84 ?
1984-85 ?
1985-86 ?
1986-87 Billy Callow.
1987-88 M. Thompson.
1988-89 M. Coleman.
Awarded to the 14-16 (Now 15-17) Most improved Player of the Year.

1997-98 Tom Parish
1998-99 Tim Kneale.
1999-00 Paul Kennish.
2000-01 John Dean
2001-02 Chris Howard.
2002-03 Ashley Grose.
2003-04 Ashley Grose.
2004-05 David Radcliffe
2007-08 Orry martin
2008-09 Andy Ball
2009-10 Greg Cowley


The Bolton Shield  

The Young Players Shield  

Awarded to the Under 15 Player of the Year.

The Trophy was donated to the Club in 1995 by then Chairman A. John Bolton.

1995-96 Andrew Cannell.
1996-97 Andrew Cannell & Andrew Forbes.
1997-98 Ian Butler.
1998-99 Mark Teare.
1999-00 Sarah Breen & Jemma Martin.
2000-01 Nick Jones
2001-02 Jason Craine.
2002-03 Adam Richardson.
2003-04 Niall Cummins.
2004-05 Ashley Grose.
2005-06 NO TEAM
2007-08 Phil Quayle / Michael Watling
2008-09 Daniel Bonwick
2009-10  Aaron Carey
Awarded to the Most Outstanding Player Under 19.

1981-82 Bryn Fairclough.                          2000-01 Paul Kennish          
1982-83 Paul A Hanney.                                       Jemma Martin.
1983-84 Steven Corkill.                             2001-02 Jason Craine          
1984-85 Steven Corkill.                                          Nick Jones             
1985-86 Steven Corkill.                             2002-03 Harry Weatherill.
1986-87 Steven Easthope.                        2003-04 Niall Cummins.
1987-88 Steven Easthope.                        2004-05 Niall Cummins. 
1988-89 Billy Callow.                                2005-06 Niall Cummins.
1989-90 Steven Easthope.                        2006-07 NEW TROPHY      
1990-91 Brian Stevens.                                           
1991-92 Brian Stevens.
1992-93 Brian Stevens.
1993-94 Tynon Pritchard.
1994-95 Alan Gelling.
1995-96 Andrew Cannell.
1996-97 Ian Butler
             Johnny Cowley.
1997-98 Johnny Cowley.
1998-99 Neil Brown.
1999-00 Paul Kennish.

The Walmsley Shield  

The Neal Quaye Memorial Shield  

Awarded to the Most Outstanding Player Under 19.

2006-07 Christian Penswick              
2007-08 Matthew Montgomery
2008-09  Christian Penswick
2009-10  Micky Hodgett
Awarded to the Junior Player contributing Most to the Club On and Off the Field of Play.

1988-89 Stuart McFee.
1989-90 Billy Callow.
1990-91 James Teare.
1991-92 Brian Stevens.
1992-93 David Bolton.
1993-94 Brian Stevens and David Bolton
1994-95 Brian Stevens and David Bolton.
1995-96 Ian Butler and Andrew Bolton..
1996-97 Stephen Parish.
1997-98 Ian Butler.
1998-99 Steven Parish.
1999-00 Not Issued.
2000-01 Not Issued.
2001-02 Not Issued.
2002-03 William Quayle.
2003-04 Willian Quayle.
2004-05 Not Issued.
New trophy Issued